Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Foreigners With NM Driver's Licenses: Prove You Live Here

Gov. Susana Martinez just announced that the state Motor Vehicles Division will be contacting 10,000 foreign citizens who have New Mexico driver's licenses to weed out those who don't really live here.

Beginning today, MVD will be sending letters to a random sample of 10,000 foreign nationals who have obtained New Mexico driver’s licenses. Each individual who receives the letter will have 30 days in which to contact MVD to schedule an in-person appointment to verify their residency in New Mexico. They can call 855-784-8407 or go online to www.mvd.newmexico.gov to make appointments. The letter includes a description of the process for verifying residency, and an MVD center at the Bank of the West building in Albuquerque has been established to handle the required in-person appointments. The address of the office is 5301 Central Avenue in Albuquerque, on the building’s first floor. ...

The residency requirements for foreign nationals are the same as for anyone else who wants to obtain a New Mexico driver’s license. Some of the documents that can be shown to verify full-time residency in New Mexico include: bank statements with activity in New Mexico; utility bills; lease agreements; and pay stubs. A complete list can be found on the MVD website at www.mvd.newmexico.gov.

More than 85,000 foreign nationals without a Social Security Number have been issued New Mexico driver’s licenses since a law was passed allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses in 2003, the governor's release says.

And no, Martinez isn't giving up on trying to appeal that 2003 law. “Let me be very clear - the fraud and abuse related to New Mexico’s driver’s license will not go away until the irresponsible law that grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is repealed,” she said.