Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crossroads GPS: Obama Will Crush a Little Girl with a Big Crate

Karl Rove isn't coming to New Mexico until next month, but his Super PAC, Crossroads GPS, is already here. They're running another ad on New Mexico television stations. (Last month they ran this ad in New Mexico and elsewhere.)

According to their news release: "In New Mexico, the ad will run on TV stations in the Albuquerque and El Paso markets, with buys totaling $101,305. The total dedicated to the effort nationally, including national cable, local TV, Internet advertising and production is $3.5 million over two weeks. ... The new spot is part of a $20 million advocacy campaign begun by Crossroads GPS in June to frame the national issues debate on the economy and national debt, as Congress negotiates a deal with President Obama."

I've been hearing a lot of Republicans lately criticizing Obama's "fear tactics" in the debt-ceiling debate. But this looks pretty scary too.