Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anti-Colón Robo-Calls

I've been contacted today by two Santa Fe Democrats who received robo-calls bashing Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Brian Colón.
One of the two said the call claimed to be from a group called "Democrats for Better Government."

When I Googled that name, I found that the Democracy for New Mexico blog was all over the story. Barb Wold wrote that the call said:

... Brian was "bad for Democrats and bad for New Mexico," the female voice went on to provide exaggerated, distorted and incorrect information about Colón. It touched on his tenure as DPNM Chair, the presidential caucus and other aspects of Colón's career. It was very nasty.

At one point it strongly suggested that Brian may have stolen money from Moving America Forward, the foundation that was set up to register minority voters for which Colón served as Treasurer. The voice rambled on using charged language, trying to paint Colón as a bumbler, a crook and a crony -- all of this most likely coming from the campaign of one of the other Democratic candidates for lt. governor.

Then, horror of horrors, it accused Colón of supporting marriage equality. In fact, Brian Colón has been on the record for some time as being supportive of marriage equality. Shocker.

Barb found an Indiana group with the name "Democrats for Better Government." But that name's pretty generic and at this point there's no evidence the calls had anything to do with anyone in Indiana.

Anyone have any clues?