Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Denish Responds to KOB Poll

The Diane Denish campaign released a response to the KOB/SurveyUSA poll that showed her six points behind Republican Susana Martinez.
NM Legislature 2010
“Susana Martinez has been airing TV ads for weeks, so we take this with a grain of salt. When New Mexicans hear from both candidates, the choice will be clear. Diane Denish will be a different kind of Governor -- someone who stands up for regular families, while Susana Martinez is a failed prosecutor best-known for plea-bargaining drunk drivers and cutting deals with violent felons."

Yikes! The general election campaign is going to get nasty and the nasty primary isn't even over yet. (Republican Allen Weh also has attacked Martinez for DWI plea bargains, an issue first brought forward by Santa Fe Sheriff Greg Solano and other Dem sheriffs.)

One little irony here. While Martinez is, understandably embracing this poll, a few months ago Martinez wasn't so enthusiastic about automated polls. As The New Mexico Independent reported, Martinez in February blasted a poll performed by the PPP organization for using "questionable methodology by employing auto-dialers rather than live interviewers."

(Back then when I talked to the Martinez camp about that PPP poll, they had another argument against it -- the fact that all the Republican candidates, even the lesser known ones, all had high negative image ratings at that early point in the campaign.)