Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Santa Fe Legislative Races

You can tell it's an unusual election year. There are not one, but two contested legislative races in the Santa Fe vicinity this year with newcomers hoping to upset longtime incumbents.

Up in District 46, House Speaker Ben Lujan faces his first opponent in a decade, and his forst primary race since 1996. His challenger is Carl Trujillo. Read my story about that HERE.

Then, up in Los Alamos two Democrats -- Stephanie Richard and Pete Sheehey, both political novices, hope to unseat longtime Republican state Rep. Jeanette Wallace. You can read about that race HERE. Wallace hasn't faced an opponent for the past five cycles.

In both races the incumbents have a big money lead over the challengers. But like I said, it's an unusual year with lots of anti-incumbent undercurrents. Both Lujan and Wallace are taking this election seriously.