Friday, May 21, 2010

Bill Richardson Was Right

He's not going to become the next head of the Motion Picture Association of America.

According to some reports from movie-trade publications, that position is going to another Democratic politician, former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerry.

So is it only coincidence that the governor's office chose the day this news came out to make this announcement? Could this be Richardson's revenge for not getting the job?:

(from the Governor's Office:)

Gov. Bill Richardson today announced his decision to suspend operations of the New Mexico Film Museum effective June 30, 2010 as a budget saving measure. The Museum was created by SB 701, the New Mexico Film Museum Act, during the 2003 Legislative Session.

“In this tight budget environment we have decided to suspend operations at the New Mexico Film Museum effective at the end of this fiscal year,” said Governor Bill Richardson. “While the Museum has hosted a number of screenings and educational events it is imperative that we concentrate our resources on the core mission of developing our film production industry, including supporting the local independent filmmaking community.”

Since its inception, the Film Museum has hosted a number of screenings of local filmmakers’ works, the annual African American Film Showcase, the Native American Film Showcase, screenings during the Santa Fe Film Festival, workshops, lectures and numerous other events,

While the Museum itself will suspend operations, the mission to serve New Mexico filmmakers will continue through the New Mexico State Film Office. Museum programming will continue in other Department of Cultural Affairs museum venues as funds become available