Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Green Are the Candidates?

Conservation Voters New Mexico has just launched a new Web site "summarizing the conservation records of all the candidates in the race for New Mexico’s next Governor and Lt. Governor."

The group each year analyzes the votes of legislators and gives each lawmaker a rating. The most recent is HERE.

Unfortunately, because only one of the gubernatorial candidates has been in the Legislature, Republican Janice Arnold-Jones, she's the only one with a CVNM rating. She has a 37 percent rating.

There are more lawmakers, past and present, in the lieutenant governor race.

There, the highest ranked is Democrat Rep. Jerry Ortiz y Pino, who scored 92 percent. The lowest ranked is Republican Sen. Kent Cravens, who scored 24 percent. (Although Republican lieutenant governor candidate John Sanchez served a term in the House, that was before CVNM was founded, so they didn't analyze his votes.)

In addition to the scores, the site features quotes from all the candidates on environmental issues.

Here's one from Republican Doug Turner:

“… We need a governor who understands that money doesn’t grow on trees.”

I'm not sure why that's included, except perhaps to show that Turner, while not a tree-hugger, does has some understanding of the nature of trees.