Monday, May 24, 2010

More on the Colón Smear Robo-Call

I got a copy of the notorious Brian Colón robo-call. (Thanks to my source for sending it and to New Mexican Web editor Henry Lopez for getting it on the Internet for me.)

Some of it's garbled. And there seems to be some weird electronic hum in the recording that sounds like it's straight out of the Eraserhead soundtrack. But the viciousness is pristine.

The unidentified female caller actually does imply that Colón stole money from the Moving America Forward Foundation. But as I explain in my story in Tuesday's New Mexican, though the contributors to this non-profit have been kept secret, the expenditures are reported to the IRS and are public record. In fact I wrote about MAFF's final report in my column a few weeks ago.

I spoke with Colón's campaign manager about the call this afternoon. He verified that the candidate was born in New York, as the robo-call said (though his family moved to this state when Brian was an infant). But contrary to what the call said, he never was a Young Republican -- and in fact worked with a union during his college years.

Listen to the recording yourself below.

UPDATE 5-25-10: I just had a nice chat with Lawrence Rael, who also is running for lieutenant governor. He wanted me to know that he was the first candidate to call Brian Colón to disavow the robo-call.