Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's On!

It didn't take long after Sunday's Albuquerque Journal poll showing Allen Weh and Susana Martinez at a virtual tie for the fur to start flying.

At first it was just nanny nanny boo boo stuff, with Weh in a Sunday press release calling Martinez a "government lawyer" (compared to Weh himself, a "job creator").

Then Monday morning an unnamed "Martinez operative" was quoted in Joe Monahan's blog calling Weh a "party boss and government contractor."

And now this television ad from Martinez, calling Weh a "divisive party chairman" and blasting him for supporting the 2007 immigration bill (backed by other limp-wristed liberals like George W. Bush and John McCain.)

Weh's campaign manager, Whitney Cheshire, responded in a news release last night: “True to form as a career politician, Susana Martinez thinks she can say one thing and do another – just like they do in Santa Fe. ... Let the record now clearly show that Susana Martinez has decided to take a negative turn in this race, and we will defend ourselves in an appropriate fashion.”

Oh boy ...

A couple of weeks ago when I interviewed Weh, he told me he would keep his own ads positive -- as long as his opponents didn't attack him.

I wonder whether his inevitable response ad will be up before I get a chance to post this. Perhaps another cooking video, a nice Susana stew?