Thursday, May 27, 2010

More on the SurveyUSA Poll

The recent SurveyUSA/KOB poll that shows Republican Susana Martinez beating Diane Denish also has match-ups between Denish and the other Republican gubernatorial candidates.

Turns out Martinez is the only one who would beat Denish at this juncture.

One big factor: Hispanics. Martinez gets 40 percent of the Hispanic vote. The other Republicans would get between 20 and 33 percent of the Hispanic vote against Denish.

Here's the results.

Martinez 49%, Denish 43%.
Denish 46%, Domenici 40%
Denish 47%, Weh 42%
Denish 49%, Arnold-Jones 35%
Denish 50%, Turner 36%

But note, the pollster concludes, "Much can and should be expected to change between now and 11/02/10."

Indeed. This could be a roller coast ride.

Read all the crosstabs HERE.