Thursday, February 17, 2011

Belated Las Soleras Update

A blog reader, commenting on a post I did here three months ago asked whether there was any news on Gov. Martinez's decision on the Las Soleras project.

I did have a brief in the paper on Feb. 10, but I forgot to post it here. T

Here's that brief:

Gov. Susana Martinez has asked for another three months to make a decision on a proposed new “supercomplex” government office building south of the city on the Las Soleras property.

In November, the Capitol Buildings Planning Commission approved the project contingent on the developer agreeing to give the state the right to terminate the deal in 90 days. That deadline would be next week.

“We have requested an additional 90 days to continue to review this project, which was agreed to verbally by the developer,” Martinez spokesman Scott Darnell said Wednesday.

“A formal written acceptance of the additional review period is forthcoming.”Las Soleras, near the intersection of Cerrillos Road and Interstate 25, is being developed by a partnership headed by Albuquerque developers John Mahoney and Gordon “Skip” Skarsgard.

If the project becomes a reality, all Human Services offices, now scattered in several rented buildings in Santa Fe, would be under one roof. The state would pay the partnership $6 million for the land and give the partners 4.4 acres of state land in southeastern Santa Fe.