Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cargo Says He Sealed His Records for 8 ... Days

CargoFormer Gov. David F. Cargo told me this afternoon that he disputes former Gov. Bill Richardson's contention that all governors have sealed their records for eight years.

"I released mine eight days after I left office," Cargo said. "I hand-delivered them (to the state archives) myself."

He said he would have handed over his papers earlier, but he hadn't filled out the necessary paperwork. Cargo left office Dec. 31, 1970.

My guess is that also he was busy at the time feuding with his successor Bruce King about the difference between a roadrunner and a woodpecker.

If indeed Cargo had sealed his records for eight years it would be pretty ironic. He's listed as a board member on New Mexico Foundation for Open Government on the letter sent to state officials protesting Richardson's sealing of his records.