Monday, February 7, 2011

Bregman Reacts to "Stop Sam"

Last week I promised Sam Bregman's spokesman that I would be happy to print his response to the anonymous "Stop Sam" attack site.

Bregman sent a letter to the state Democratic Party Central Committee, in which he addresses that site. Nothing astounding here, but here's what he said about it.

Some of you may have seen the anonymous, cowardly attacks that have recently been used against me by letter, a website and a blast e-mail. These attacks, straight from the playbook of the Republican Party, are attempts to vilify me for being a lawyer and for doing my job. I have spent my life helping individuals professionally and in the political arena that need assistance. Let me be clear and to the point: no ugly, smear attacks from anonymous individuals will change the philosophy that has guided me during the course of my life. We cannot let our party be distracted from working on the issues that are so important to New Mexicans.