Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bingaman Looks Safe, Early Poll Says

Even though much can change between now and November, 2012 and early polls basically are meaningless, (two years ago, Diane Denish looked unbeatable), I know political junkies, myself included, love looking at this stuff.

To nobody's surprise, according to this PPP poll, U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman looks safe. What does surprise me is that his toughest competitor, according to this survey, is former Gov. Gary Johnson. Johnson. Johnson has been traveling the country in what many assume is in preparation for a presidential bid. Would he even want to be a senator? He's never expressed any interest, at least in public for running for Congress. Senators can't veto anything.

Correct me if I'm wrong (as if you wouldn't), but I think the only declared Bingaman challenger is Republican Greg Sowards. Sowards wasn't listed in any match-ups in this survey.

(UPDATE: I stand corrected. One fellow blogger pointed out that an Alamogordo Republican named Bill English announced last year that he's running.)

Bingaman should like this little factoid from PPP: "With a 56-27 approval-disapproval margin, Bingaman is more popular at home than all but four of the 77 colleagues which PPP has measured in the last year or so

PPP surveyed 545 New Mexico voters from February 4-6. The survey’s margin of error is 4.2 percent.

Take a look at it below:
PPP Release NM 0208