Friday, February 18, 2011

More Reax to Bingaman Retirement

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce's spokesman Eric Layer sent me this email in response to my question whether Pearce, who was the Republican senatorial candidate in 2008, will make another stab at it.

“Last I spoke with Congressman Pearce, he was intently focused on his priority of serving the people of New Mexico’s second district.”

And here's the well wishes from the National Republican Senatorial Committee

“It speaks volumes about the state of the two political parties that as strong Republican candidates step forward in key races, Senate Democrats in important battleground states are stepping aside. Like the earlier retirements in North Dakota and Virginia, Senator Bingaman’s decision immediately presents another strong pickup opportunity for Senate Republicans. It also further limits the ability of national Democrats to play offense when their resources will be spread out over such an expansive defensive map.

“Whomever the Democrats now choose as their nominee, this election will offer a clear contrast for voters in New Mexico between a fiscally responsible Republican leader and a Democrat who believes we should stay the course on more spending, more taxes, and more government.”