Saturday, February 12, 2011

PPP pollster says Richardson's Career in Elected Politics Probably Over

According to a PPP poll conducted last weak, Bill Richardson left office as the third most unpopular governor in the nation. The only ones less popular are Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Nevada’s scandal-plagued Jim Gibbons.

In PPP’s latest poll of the state, 34% now rate his eight years in the governor’s mansion positively, while 55% disapprove. Republicans unsurprisingly line up almost
unanimously against his tenure, and independents split, 30-50, in disapproval. He suffers most, though, because his fellow Democrats, who make up over half the electorate, are only barely, at 48-38, in his corner.

Now half of New Mexicans say they would definitely not vote for Richardson if he ran
for office again, while only 13% would be solidly in his corner, and 35% would give it
some thought. More Democrats (31%) have closed the door on him than the 19% who
still support him. 55% of independents are against another Richardson bid.

A couple of things to remember here: PPP is a Democratic pollster. Also, as a reader pointed out to me a couple of days ago, the sample for this poll is 55% Democrats and 29% Republican. According to the Secretary of State's website. voter registration in New Mexico is 49% Democrat and 32% Republican. So in this case, the real numbers might be even worse for the former governor.

Current Gov. Susana Martinez is faring much better than Richardson, according to the poll. her approval rating is 53 percent, with 29 percent disapproving. Sens. Tom Udall and Jeff Bingaman are doing well also. (Bingaman's numbers can be found HERE.)

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PPP Richardson Poll 2-11-11