Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Campaign Finance Updates

Republican gubernatorial candidate Allen Weh has raised $559,818, according to his campaign. That includes nearly $245,000 in money contributions, nearly $65,000 in inkind contributions and a quarter million loan from his wife and himself.

Meanwhile, Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Lawrence Rael has raised $147,000 for his campaign. That's nearly $113,000 in monetary contributions, $19,500 in inkind contributions and a $15,000 loan from himself.

There's still nothing on the Secretary of State's Web site. I jokingly posted on Twitter a few hours ago that maybe there should be a new law that candidates must e-mail reports to all political reporters and that we should stop pouring money into worthless SOS Web site. Only trouble with that idea is there should be a central place where anyone can check contributions any time of day. But the way it is now sure is frustrating.