Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guv Candidates Respond to Bland Resignation

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, seeking the Democratic nomination for governor made the following statement about the state investment officer's resignation.

“I’ve been deeply disturbed by the recent reports about misuse of investment dollars, and clearly some changes were needed at the New Mexico Investment Council. This resignation makes that fresh start possible. Just like New Mexico families must invest their own money wisely, the state must do the same. The next State Investment Officer must be a smart investor of taxpayer dollars and a tireless champion for increased oversight and accountability. The people of New Mexico deserve no less.”

Here's something to ponder: When Denish was poised to assume the governor's office when Gov. Bill Richardson had been nominated for Commerce secretary (a nomination scuttled by another investment scandal), did her transition team have a pick for investment officer?

Meanwhile, Susana Martinez, one 0f four Republican candidates for governor, released this statement. To nobody's surprise she takes a shot at Denish -- and she doesn't even mention Richardson, who hired Bland.

“There is absolutely no way to deny the obvious that this administration has been infiltrated to its core with corrupt officials abusing the public trust. With New Mexico experiencing a massive budget deficit that has left our state unable to comply with obligations to its citizens, including our students, those running state government have been involved in schemes to steal and misuse taxpayer dollars. It is unfathomable to me how Diane Denish conveniently claims credit for perceived administration successes, but shirks responsibility of its obvious failures. The notion that Denish can change the way business is done in Santa Fe is simply not credible. I have taken on corrupt officials and brought them to justice, and as governor, I will do the same in the Roundhouse.”