Thursday, October 22, 2009

Find the Correras

Frank Foy, a former investment officer for the Educational Retirement Board who is suing the state, claims in a court filing that Marc Correra -- a third party marketer who made millions in finders fees from state investments -- and his father Anthony Correra -- a political advisor to Gov. Bill Richardson and friend of recently resigned state Investment Officer Gary Bland -- are ducking summons servers in the state.
Have you seen this man? (the one in the center)

That's according to an Associated Press report.
Foy’s lawyer, Victor Marshall, said Thursday the Correras have not been served with a summons about the lawsuit despite efforts to locate them since May.
In a court filing, Marshall said “Marc Correra has disappeared” and apparently has left the country. It also said Anthony Correra’s house in Albuquerque “appears to be deserted” and that “it is not known whether Anthony Correra has left the United States.”
Sam Bregman, a lawyer for Marc Correra, declined to comment on the latest allegations in the lawsuit.
Jason Bowles, a lawyer for Anthony Correra, said his client “is not trying to hide from anything.”
“He is in the country. He has just not been served,” said Bowles.

(The above photo of Marc Correra (center) was taken on May 19 in Albuquerque. I haven't seen him since, but that's not unusual)

The Correras are among 75 or so defendants in Foy's suit, which claims the Ricahrdson administration pressured the ERB and the State Investment Council to reward the governor's political supporters. Richardson's staff has vehemetnly denied wrongdoing.