Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some Sunday Reading

I have not one, but two stories in Sunday's paper.

First there's a piece on the possibility of the Department of Interior overturning Bush administration restrictions on off-reservation tribal casinos. (CLICK HERE) If that comes to pass it could revive the proposal by Jemez Pueblo (and Santa Fe businessman Gerald Peters) for that proposed casino/resort near Anthony, N.M. Those plans were rejected by the Interior Department early last year because the casino would be almost 300 miles from the pueblo.

However, nobody I talked to seemed to think this change is a sure deal.
Why is David Gergen smiling?
The second article is about the Council of State Governments West annual meeting, which starts today in Santa Fe. The article says more than 500 people -- legislators, staffers, guests -- are coming. After I filed the story I got an e-mail from CSG West's Mary Lou Cooper saying the updated numbers are closer to 600.

A list of oil companies, pharmaceuticals, communication companies and others who are paying for the meals and parties can be found HERE.

The biggest surprise in this story for me was the fact that CNN pundit and former White House aide David Gergen is being paid $33,000 plus traveling expenses to speak to the conference on Wednesday.

Yikes! A lot of people in this town don't make $33,000 in a year and a lot of us have to work a few months to make that much.

I bet it'll be a pretty good speech though.