Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Teachers' Union Wants Michael Moore to Attend Rally

... but it doesn't look like the filmmaker has responded yet to the New Mexico branch of the American Federation of Teachers.

I remember a few years ago when Moore came to Santa Fe I tried to arrange an interview with him and had about as much luck as Moore had trying to talk to Roger Smith. (In fairness, at a book-signing on that trip, Moore apologized to us local press dogs who had been trying to get interviews. “Put yourself in my shoes, ” he said. “The problem is, there’s only one of me.”)

Maybe a union will have more clout.

Any way here's the "open letter" (there seems to have been a lot of those recently) from the AFT



Last week, Dr. Ellen Bernstein, an elementary school teacher and president of the ABQ Teachers Federation, emailed you an invitation to come to New Mexico on Oct. 9 and speak to the largest demonstration of support for public schools in New Mexico's brief history (became a state in 1912).

Purpose of rally, march and demonstration - persuade state lawmakers to:

* Roll back tax cuts for the wealthiest New Mexicans (passed in 2003 for those earning $295K or more);

* Close tax loopholes for big, out-of-state corporations (examples: Wal Mart, Target, Starbucks allowed to report profits earned in NM in other states and dodge paying their fair share of NM taxes on profits);

* Use revenues to restore cuts made by our lawmakers to the value of school children (lawmakers cut student value by $60 each last January to cover $500 million deficit), higher education students and public services; and,

* Prevent more cuts (lawmakers have another state budget deficit, this time $433 million, and they want to cut student value and public services AGAIN).

We haven't heard from you, yet. Hopefully, that's a sign you're trying to work Oct 9, Santa Fe, into your busy schedule.

New Mexicans love you, Michael !

You were in ABQ at the UNM Pit during 2000 presidential election between Gore and Bush. Thanks to your rally at the UNM Pit, New Mexico was the only state in Southwest to go for Gore. You did that !

We need your help again: Help educators, parents and students stop a second round of proposed cuts to the value of school children, university students and public services.

Please say YES. Please attend, speak-out at Oct. 9 Rally, March and Demonstration, Santa Fe, beginning at noon and going until 3:45 pm.

We'll meet-up at Santa Fe Rail Runner Depot, march 5 blocks to our state capitol, "The Roundhouse", then have speakers andsymbolic activities.

We're thinking of doing what you did in "Capitalism, A Love Story": wrapping the Roundhouse with yellow, crime-scene tape, and making a citizen's arrest, because the NM State Constitution says our lawmakers are required to fund public schools 'sufficiently'. By law, they are not allow to cut the value of school children, college and university student and public services.

Please respond either way. Thank you.

John Ingram
AFT New Mexico --- field organizer for Oct. 9 Demonstration in Santa Fe