Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yet More Reports

Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Turner is reporting raising nearly $256,00, which includes a personalloan of $243,552.

Another GOP candidate for chief executive, Janice Arnold-Jones, has raised almost $21,000 in cash plus another $2,000 in in-kind donations.

This means that among Republican candidates, Allen Weh is leading in fund-raising with nearly $550,000, (About half of which are from loans and in-kind donations) Susana Martinez,reported more than $141,000.

But none of the Republicans can match Democratic candidate Diane Denish, who raised more than $931,000 in cash since May plus nearly $110,00 in in-kind donations. Denish, who has been running for more than two years, has nearly $2.2 million in the bank.

For an update on the lieutenant governor candidates. see Kate Nash's blog.