Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Bet She's Going to Be on the Ballot.

The Diane Denish campaign is reporting that the lieutenant governor has collected 6,300 petition signatures to get her name on the primary ballot.

That's about three times the required number and that's after only a week or so of collecting signatures.

So far Denish doesn't have any competition in the Democratic primary. Sen. Michael Sanchez's effort (apparently just a single post on his Facebook page last May) fizzled, as did Val Kilmer's. (Kilmer by the way was supposed to have appeared at the film incentive panel at the Council of State Governments West meeting yesterday. But he cancelled.)

Looks like Denish's only worry is the general election. Several Republicans (Allen Weh, Susana Martinez, Janice Arnold-Jones and Doug Turner) are competing for the right to run against her.

So far I haven't seen any GOP press releases blasting "The Richardson/Denish Administration" for the Saul Meyer revelations. But I bet they're coming.

UPDATE: A couple of folks from the Denish camp contacted me to let me know I'd added an extra zero to the number of petition signatures. (Wish someone would do that on my paycheck.) It's been corrected. I still stand by my bold prediction that she gets on the ballot.