Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children of Politicos

Ben Ray Lujan, Dem
In my story in today's paper about Pete Domenici, Jr. I quoted political science professor Lonna Atkeson saying, "Children of politicians do well here," then listed several examples including Gary King, Diane Denish and Jerome Block Jr. (who "did well" in that he won his election.)

But a reader just pointed out that I left out a very obvious example -- one so obvious I'm going to have to learn yoga so I can kick myself harder:

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan!

According to my sources his father is involved in politics -- speaker of the state House of Representatives to be exact.

Before anyone else points it out, I also should have listed U.S. Sen. Tom Udall, son of former Interior Secretary Stewart Udall.


  1. This occurs, in part, because voters aren't very smart and don't realize (as you noted in your published article) just whom they're voting for. It's too bad we don't have an electorate--and I mean everywhere, not just NM--that doesn't make it a point to stay informed.

  2. @The Spectator, you reply depends on the definition of "smart". I know that the vast majority of Americans are sensible, capable, well-intentioned beings who just want to raise their children in peace - "The Sleeping Giant" God Bless Em :) The problem is that many of those who do pay attention are _mis-informed_, and they are the ones the "giant" looks to for direction. Spreading true information and participation is key.

    That and supporting principled candidates who understand the deeper implications of the Oath they take. People like Adam Kokesh :)