Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pre-Session Misc.

Here's a bunch of links to stories I've written or helped to write the past couple of days.

Gov. Richardson promises a short State of the State speech with little bragging about past accomplishments. CLICK HERE.

Pete Domenici Jr.: GOP game-changer or the Frank Sinatra, Jr. of N.M. politics? CLICK HERE

My interview with the guv, published Sunday: CLICK HERE.

My annual User's Guide to The Legislature (and this year I can't gripe about the parking) CLICK HERE

And for a little video treat, here's a link to a part of my appearance on the panel on KNME's New Mexico In Focus, which aired Friday on Channel 5. I'm there with with political blogger Joe Monahan, Pat Frisch of KKOB-AM and journalist Christie Chisholm -- not to mention host Gene Grant.