Friday, January 8, 2010

Janice's Campaign Contributors

Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones, R-Albuquerque, has raised about $52,000 for her gubernatorial campaign, which I reported in today's paper. She joins Democrat Diane Denish in reporting her contributors several months before it's legally required.

A couple of political names up on Arnold-Jones' contributor list. State Sen. Mark Boitano, R-Albuquerque, gave her $500. In 2008 both Boitano and Arnold-Jones told reporter Dennis Domrzalski that the state GOP strongly discouraged -- and that's being polite -- from running for the Congressional seat then being vacated by Heather Wilson. The state party then was headed by Allen Weh, who now is running for governor.

Arnold-Jones also got a $500 check from one of her former House colleagues, ex-Rep. Benjie Regensberg of Cleveland, N.M. The surprising thing here is that Regensberg is a Democrat. He lost his re-election race in 2004 when Hector Balderas beat him in the primary. Balderas has since been elected to state auditor.

UPDATE: I just noticed some more politicians contributing to the Arnold-Jones campaign.

There's House Republican Caucus Leader Anna Crook of Clovis, whose campaign organization gave $100. Former state GOP Chairman Ed Lujan kicked in $150.

And there's another Democrat -- Albuquerque lawyer Eric Sedillo Jeffries, who for a brief time was seeking the Democratic nomination for attorney general. He dropped out of the race in late 2005, backing fellow Democrat Gary King, who went on to win the primary and general election. Jeffries gave Republican Arnold-Jones $100.