Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Webcasting Wars Year 2

If you thought the webcasting wars were over, think again.

State Rep. Jeff Steinborn, D-Las Cruces, is sponsoring two measures aimed at getting more webcasts coming out of the Roundhouse.

House Resolution 2 would create a rule change in the House requiring House committees to develop audio and video webcasting, while House Joint Memorial 15 would direct the Legislative Council Service to spell out the logistics of webcasting technology to interim committees, which meet between legislative sessions.

Currently there's a House rule set to expire at the end of the year that allows committee chairs during regular session to initiate webcasting if they choose. That rule would be replaced by Steinborn’s HR 2. There currently is no rule or requirement pertaining to webcasting interim committees.

The Senate Webcast and the House audiocast can be found HERE.