Friday, January 22, 2010

Meanwhile, Back in New Hampshire ...

It seems like only yesterday that former Gov. Gary Johnso nwas at the Roundhouse holding an anti-tax picket sign for passing motorists to see.

Actually, that was Tuesday, only three days ago.

But soon after that Johnson was off to New Hampshire to speak to a libertarian Republican group.
Former Gov. Gary Johnson
The Union Leader in Manchester interviewed the latest New Mexico governor to visit the state with the nation's first presidential primary.

There Johnson warned Republicans not to consider Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts this week a mandate for the GOP.

"I just see (voters having) a real disgust with those in office," Johnson told reporter John Distaso. "It isn't a shift to Republicans. It's just, 'Get whoever's in there out,'" he said.

See the whole story HERE.

(Thanks to my former New Mexican colleague and New Hampshire native Wendy Brown for alerting me to this story.)