Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Little Drama on the Senate Floor

Senate Republican Leader Stuart Ingle introduced an amendment to the Feed Bill to appropriate $200,000 to the Attorney General's office to investigate allegations of wrongdoing in state investments.

Democratic Leader Michael Sanchez argued against the amendment, saying the Feed Bill, which funds the Legislature for the session, was not the appropriate place. Even so, most the Senate discussion seemed to be in favor of Ingle's move.

But right as Ingle was closing and the vote was about to be taken, Ingle paused. Then he announced that a message from the Fourth Floor had come down asking for a bill to reform the State Investment Council. (Some senators had complained about not receiving a message.)

Ingle withdrew the amendment.

But there will be more discussion about investments today. Frank Foy, former investment officer for the Educational Retirement Board is about to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee. The New Mexico Independent plans to Webcast that meeting, which was scheduled to start 3 minutes ago.)