Friday, January 15, 2010


Following Democrat Diane Denish and Republican Janice Arnold-Jones, Susana Martinez, also a Republican gubernatorial candidate, has released her campaign finance report -- several months before it's legally due.

According to the numbers on her Web site, Martinez has raised more than $306,000 for her campaign. more than half of it since she filed her previous report in October. She has more than $228,000 in the bank.

The campaign makes a point of saying 65 percent of her contributors were from outside of Las Cruces. Denish in October pointed out that the lion's share of Martinez's contributions at that point were from southern New Mexico.

Martinez's biggest contributors were $17,500 from the Mack Energy Corp in Artesia and $10,000 from James and Deborah Gianneli, who are in the contstruction business in Albuquerque and Alliance Drilling Fluids of Midland, Texas, which also gave $10,000.

Denish reported yesterday she'd raised $750,000 in the last three months of 2009, while Arnold-Jones reported raising more than $50,000. Republicans Allen Weh and Doug Turner have not released their campaign finance figures since the last legally required report in October.