Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Shots Fired in CD3 GOP Primary

Republican candidate Tom Mullins of Farmington is taking offence at an unsigned, undated letter he says is being distributed by supporters of his opponent, Adam Kokesh of Santa Fe. The letter,, Mullins says, questions his commitment to the U.S. Constitution.

In a post on his campaign blog yesterday, Mullins fires back at Kokesh:

My primary opponent is a war protester and proud of it. I have spoken with many veterans who believe that Adam’s actions dishonor the military and our nation’s military men and women. I agree with their opinion.

This could get interesting.
Adam Kokesh
Kokesh, a Marine veteran of the Iraq war, indeed has a record of protesting the war.

Whoever wins the GOP primary will face incumbent Democrat Ben Ray Lujan in the general election


  1. Mr. Mullins seems to be confused about loyalties.

    Mr. Kokesh is honoring his oath to the Constitution. The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan are unconstitutional and it is a soldiers duty, and honor, to object to unconstitutional orders.

    Further, Mr. Mullins seems to know nothing of Mr. kokesh's work with veterans and PTSD support groups.

    Finally, this does not seem to be "first shots" as I have heard other lies being "whispered" about Kokesh. At least the supporter responsible for that letter had the courage and decency to raise the issue in the open.

  2. Far from dishonoring the military and military families, Adam's work with veterans and his determination to not put their lives at risk by sending them to fight unconstitutional wars is actually the greatest way to honor their sacrifice. If we truly care about national security, we will bring our troops home so that they can defend our borders. While Kokesh is upfront about his philosophical position on the war, grounded in Christian Just War Theory, Mullins tries to have it both ways, by pandering to the pro-war crowd by smearing Kokesh while at the same time endorsing a similar foreign policy to Kokesh's on his own website:
    Is Mullins really the kind of leadership that we want in DC? Is he really the kind of Republican that can win NM-3?

  3. From the Kokesh Campaign:

    It is our understanding that a New Mexico Veteran and Kokesh supporter drafted a letter questioning Mr. Mullins' electability in the heavily Democratic Third District. Although the campaign does not endorse the letter, we do see merit in some of the points raised therein. Instead of addressing these points, Mr. Mullins decided to take the letter as an opportunity to make a personal attack against Mr. Kokesh.

    We believe that Mr. Mullins' insinuation that Adam's service to our country as a Marine in Iraq isn't worth a line on his resume is a slap in the face to all military personnel and veterans. As is posted on our website, Adam enlisted at the age of 17 in the United States Marine Corps and later volunteered to serve in Iraq with a civil affairs unit in Fallujah. When he returned, he established a group home for OIF/OEF (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom) veterans, founded peer-to-peer counseling groups for veterans with PTSD, and he continues to raise awareness about veterans' issues. He also worked as a graphic designer to pay his way through Grad School. Whatever perspective you may have on our foreign policy, there is no excuse for degrading the sacrifice a veteran has made for our country. It is possible that, because he has never served in the military, Mr. Mullins does not understand the type of commitment and dedication required to volunteer for our armed forces. Still, we believe Mr. Mullins owes an apology not just to Mr. Kokesh, but to all active duty military service members and veterans.