Thursday, September 15, 2011


There was an interesting little exchange on the House floor a few minutes ago. Rep. Paul Band, R-Farmington, announced that he and a few other Republican lawmakers spent part of yesterday afternoon at the Santa Fe Country Club playing golf.

Actually Bandy said he's not much of a golfer. He really only likes sports that involve horses. So, he said, he was caddy for Rep. Anna Crook and House GOP Leader Tom Taylor.

Speaker Ben Lujan, in a scolding tone, said that he doesn't think any House Democrats have had time to play golf during the special session.

Bandy replied that because none of the House committees he serves on were hearing any bills, there was nothing wrong in spending the afternoon on the links. House Republicans have been complaining all week that there's nothing to do at the session because the only bills being heard so far are redistricting bills.

When Crook announced that Republicans would caucus after the floor session, Lujan asked whether that caucus meeting would be at the golf course.

The session is costing about $50,000 a day. Lawmakers are paid $171 a day during the session.

I don't think we've heard the last of this.