Saturday, September 24, 2011

Senate Has Quit, House Heads Toward SIne Death

The Senate called it a Sine Die after passing the capital outlay bill after 1 a.m.

It's all up to the House now.

Besides capital outlay and the unemployment insurance bill, the main thing left on the House agenda is the Senate's congressional redistricting plan. The House itself was never able to get its own bill out of committee. So it's Senate bill or nothing.

For Santa Fe and other Northern New Mexico readers, there were no drastic changes in CD 3. Ben Ray Lujan is still in the district and it would remain safely Democratic in the Senate plan.

Last I looked, the House Democrats were still in caucus. Several Republicans are on the House floor.

There was talk even before the session started that the Legislature would pass the redistricting plans then wait three days before calling it quits to force Gov. Susana Martinez to sign or veto before they left.

I suppose it became pretty clear the governor will veto all the major bills -- and that there aren't enough votes to pass anything she wouldn't veto.

So the money that would have gone to three more days of the special can now go to the lawyers. Onto the courts!