Monday, September 19, 2011

Scorecard for Monday

The Senate passed its Congressional plan today -- while rejecting a Republican sponsored plan that would have put Albuquerque's North Valley into CD 3 and the South Valley into CD 2. It was a party-line vote.

The Senate Congressional map is HERE.

Both the House and the Senate passed redistricting plans for the Public Regulation Commission. (In the Senate, three Democrats joined in the opposition.) All Republicans present in both chambers voted against their respective plans -- saying the new districts could create a 4-1 Democratic majority on the PRC. (Currently the body has a 3-Dem, 2-R split.)

The Senate and House plans are very similar but not identical. One of the bills would have to pass both chambers before it's sent to the governor. If the two chambers can't agree on maps, a conference committee made up of members from both chambers would have to hammer out the differences.

The House PRC plan is HERE. The Senate one is HERE

Both plans keep all of Santa Fe County in PRC District 3, which currently is represented by Jerome Block, Jr.. Currently Eldorado and other areas south of the city are in District 5, represented by Theresa Becenti-Aguilar.

Before any plan becomes law, it has to be signed by the governor. Considering that no Republican voted for any of the plans that passed today make a veto by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez seem more likely.

UPDATE: 6:15 pm The initial version of this post incorrectly suggested that the two bills would head straight to a conference committee. The text has been corrected to reflect the actual process.