Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is Anything Happening at the Special Session?

That question seems to have become a partisan issue.

House Republicans are accusing House Speaker Ben Lujan and other Democratic leaders of dragging their feet because there haven't been any committee hearings scheduled on bills except those dealing with redistricting. Lujan and others say it's true that redistricting is the priority but there will be time to consider most of the other bills.

My story on that is HERE.

One thing that is happening is that the subcommittee working on the possible impeachment of PRC member Jerome Block Jr. is scheduled to meet in about 30 minutes and hopefully they will announce that they've hired a lawyer for the task. Watch this space.

UPDATE: 11:15 am The Block impeachment panel did not hire an attorney today. Co-chairman Joe Cervantes said there are about a half dozen attorneys under consideration and that more names could be added to the list of possibilities. There might be a selection by Thursday's meeting, he said.