Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gary Johnson Would Take the 10-1 Tax Deal

The Capitol press room just got another visit from former Gov. Gary Johnson, who is now running for the Republican nomination for president -- though you wouldn't know it from the way he's been left out of the past several GOP debates.

And, as frequently happens, Johnson said some things that distinguish from all those candidates who do get to go to the debates.

Nobody could ever accuse Gary Johnson of being a tax-and-spend liberal. As governor he was always pushing for tax cuts and he vetoed hundreds of spending bills.

But unlike all of the candidates at a recent debate,  Johnson said he wouldn't have raised his hand in one recent debate question in which candidates were asked who would reject a budget bill that would would raise taxes one dollar for every $10 of spending cuts.

"First of all, it's a hypothetical -- it's never going to happen," he said. "But Come on! You'd reject 10-1 cuts?"

Getting down to New Mexico business, Johnson, who was governor in 2001, the last time the state went through the redistricting process, predicted that Gov. Susana Martinez will veto most the redistricting plans that come out of the Democratic Legislature.