Friday, September 2, 2011

The Legacy Continues

Well, she wasn't going going 110 mph like certain other governors used to do, but Gov. Susana Martinez's state police driver was stopped for speeding yesterday in Albuquerque.

According to KOAT TV,  her car was going 48 mph in 35 mph zone. The governor was headed for a lunch at the Chama River Brewing Company. Her vehicle was stopped on the I-25 frontage road near Jefferson N.E.

That's a  a $95 ticket, but the driver got off with a verbal warning. Albuquerque police said the governor didn't receive preferential treatment. Channel 7 quoted an APD spokesman saying the officer who stopped them "likely knew the governor was in the car," but this had nothing to do with letting her driver off the hook.

I just hope I get the same treatment when I go to my hearing for speeding tickets I got from Santa Fe's beloved photo enforcement van.