Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I just saw a Capitol maintainance worker taking down the cameras in the Senate gallery that had been purchased and installed for the purpose of webcasting state Senate floor sessions.

Last month I reported that the state Senate leadership had decided not to start webcasting this year despite the fact that the full Senate last year voted overwhelmingly to Webcast and had already spent $30,000 to buy and install cameras for that purpose.

When I talked with Sen. Mark Boitano, R-Albuquerque, who sponsored Senate Memorial 45, last month for my article, he expressed some guarded hope that he might be able to convince the Senate brass to relent and start the Webcasting afterall. With today's removal, it looks like that's one step further from becoming a reality.

Just a reminder: New Mexico is one of only six states that doesn't webcast at least some legislative proceedings.


  1. Hey Steve, do you know exactly who made the call to remove the cameras and why they were removed?

  2. Ah...never mind...the answer was under my nose in your blog.

  3. I can help but wish you could be a little more pissed off about this, a little more angry, a little more outraged.