Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Naturally the Richardson withdrawal is all over the Web. In the New York Times, I learned that the state offices here are made of adobe. T.J. Sullivan, who took photos of the CDR buildings past and present for The New Mexican yesterday, even blogrolled my story on the Los Angeles MBC blog.

But another post on that site caught my eye and made me chuckle. Sara K. Smith, who sometimes writes for Wonkette, posted a piece headlined "Dems Usher in Era of Dull Scandals."

Of our own "dull scandal" (which hasn't been that dull for us local yokels), she writes,

... the portly and affable Bill Richardson, who couldn't be Secretary of State because he would have been murdered, personally, by the Clintons, so instead he settled for Commerce Secretary before he got roped into a grand jury investigation. Apparently some brilliant financial company that advised Jefferson County, Alabama into near-bankruptcy was also hired to work its magic on the state of New Mexico after it donated 100 grand to various political action committees formed by Bill Richardson.

So now Richardson has said to Barack Obama, "Pls do not consider me for Commerce, as I have this little grand jury problem to deal with." This is really too bad, because Bill Richardson spoke Spanish! Also he was very smart, and experienced in talking with nasty dictators. Now Obama will have to find some other sucker to help him revive the economy and control the weather.

As for Wonkette, itself:

There’s some corruption in New Mexico! (Allegedly.) A California business got a contract maybe through some agency (?) in New Mexico, and this is tied to the Governor’s Department, and Bill Richardson is (still) the governor of N.M., so now he is bowing out of the Commerce Department cabinet post because of the Great Cloud of Scandal, which could get its Taint on Big Bill, and that’s it for Hispanics in Politics, the end. This is all Rod Blagojevich’s fault!