Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Sen. Tim Jennings wil remain as Senate president pro-tem. The Senate, with no discussion, voted 23-18 for Jennings over challenger Sen. Carlos Cisneros, D-Questa.

The vote breakdown was all 15 Republicans and eight Dems for Jennings. The Dems to jump ship were Jennings, John Arthur Smith, Linda Lopez, Linda Lovejoy, Howie Morales, Mary Kay Papen, and newcomers John Sapien and George Munoz.

What are the implications?

First of all Gov. Bill Richardson will continue having splitiing headaches that begin in the state Senate.

Secondly, if this was considered a test for progressive Democrats in the Senate, that doesn't bode well for that faction. One domestic partnership advocate told me this morning that the election of Jennings would be bad for that cause.

There will be much more about this in tomorrow's New Mexican.