Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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The vote on SB12 was 5-4.

Voting in favor were Sens. Dede Feldman, Mary Jane Garcia, Cynthia Nava, Eric Griego and Tim Eichenberg. All are Democrats.

Opposed were Republican Sens. Mark Boitano, Vern Asbill, Gaye Kernan plus Democrat George Munoz.

The Judiciary Committee also attended the meeting and asked questions. They are expected to vote on the bill on Friday.

The funniest quote had to be the Rev. Talitha Arnold of the United Church of Santa Fe, who has been a pastor for 28 years and has counseled many couples with marital problems.

"Money tops the list, followed by jobs, communication, children, health and who cleans the bathroom, Not once in 28 years have I heard any married couple say their marriage was in trouble because of the old gay couple living down the street."