Monday, January 26, 2009


The Senate, just a few minutes ago voted 3-to-1 to have the Committee on Committees reconsider its vote last month to not go ahead with Webcasting and to take down the expensive Web cameras that had been purchased and installed in the Senate Chambers.

However it doesn't look as if there will be any Senate Webcasts soon. The Committee on Committees discussed it and had a number of questions concerning pricing, etc. for the Legislative Council Service.

Sen. Carlos Cisneros also asked the LCS to check with other states on the effects that Web cameras had on their Legislatures. (Remember, we're one only five states that does not have some type of webcasting and two of those broadcast floor sessions and some committee meetings on television.

Cisneros hit on what seems to be the real fear of Webcasting. He noted senators sometimes get tired and "say the wrong thing."

Said Cisneros, "Once that's done, you're on Youtube and there's nothing you can do."

UPDATE: The meeting hasn't actually started yet, but Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones' webcast of the House Tax and Rev Committee is up and running. At this writing you can see and hear pre-meeting chatter.