Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Great Scott!

(from the Senate Republicans: )

Braveheart Senator Sharer

Santa Fe—State Senator Bill Sharer is donning a tuxedo kilt to celebrate the opening of the first day of the 2009 legislative session and as a reminder to his fellow legislators.

Senator Sharer who has Scottish heritage is wearing the official dress of Scotland because of Scots are known to be frugal.

“The Scots are world renown for being frugal. In our current economic situation, “frugal” should be the watchword of our session. I will wear my kilt periodically to remind my follow legislators that we must be frugal in the use of the citizens monPhoto by Diane Kinderwaterey,” Senator Sharer said today.

Senator Sharer’s kilt includes is made of the Scottish national tartan plaid design. He is also wearing a sporran which is rabbit fur pocket worn over the front of the kilt.

Because he is also wearing a tuxedo bowtie and dinner jacket, Senator Sharer says he meets the rules to enter the Senate Chambers which requires a jacket and tie.

Senate Chief Clerk Lenore Naranjo agrees Senator Sharer meets the requirements.

(UPDATED with photo of Sen. Sharer -- by Diane Kinderwater)