Friday, January 23, 2009


Looks like the Webcast riot is growing. See today's story in The New Mexican HERE. Besides Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones' plans to Webcast her committee meetings, KUNM on Tuesday will start an audio feed of the Senate floor sessions on its Website.

The audio Webcast is kinda what Sen. Mark Boitano and the 26 other senators who voted for Webcasting had in mind -- except without moving picture. Hardcore cynics out there listening to the audio on the KUNM site might assume that whoever is speaking is winking and making sarcastic gestures or funny faces. That usually won't be the case.

As noted in the article, Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, who isn't a Webcasting fan, says he has no problem with KUNM's project. But I'm not so sure how House Speaker Ben Lujan feels about Rep. Arnold-Jones' plan. He told me yesterday he'll have to find out more about it before offering an opinion.


If you're interested in following the proposed ethics bills. Common Cause New Mexico's Web site has links to the seven bills they're pushing for in a handy list right up front. It's worth bookmarking.

Speaking of ethics reforms, several readers have pointed out to me the recent Wall Street Journal story with the wonderful headline "New Mexico's Political Wild West." It details the state's lack of serious ethics laws. Just like cockfighting did for New Mexico until a couple of years ago, our political culture is contributing greatly to this state's reputation as a weird backwater.


And speaking of national news articles, Congressional Quartley weighs in with a look at how all the recent scandals have affected Lt. Gov. Diane Denish's 2010 gubernatorial chances and Gov. Bill Richardson's effectiveness in the state. And no, it doesn't mention Val Kilmer, who seems to like telling people in the national press how he's serious about a possible run for governor (but he sure hasn't made any overtures I know of to the New Mexico media.) CLICK HERE.