Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yes, parking near the Capitol still is a nightmare.

I just had to threaten a fellow journalist who parked in a reserved New Mexican spot. (Yes, we lucked out this year.)

We got a tip yesterday that city parking officers strictly were enforcing meter violations on the first day of the session. In the past, reportedly, they've been lax on the first day.

But the Legislature Web site is posting a map for free parking places for the session. CLICK HERE and for info on the free shuttle CLICK HERE.

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  1. So, here I am sitting in my little corner office just having received my "parking pass" from the General Services Department following my threat to quit after getting two parking tickets totaling $32. I still have to walk to my job from the PERA building, which is like, a block!
    Gov. Richardson has been in with the House Democratic Caucus since 1:30 pm until now, shortly after 5 pm. The main topic of conversation is capital outlay. The House still doesn't have a Chairperson for it's Capital Outlay Subcommittee because no one wants the job. What they need is an axe-wielding SOB who has a safe House seat and with some razor thin wins in the last election cycle nobody wants their resume tainted by cutting a request for a stove at a senior citizens center.
    I'm sure Dollar Bill is getting an ear full from the Majority while he's circling the wagons as the grand jury keeps firing arrows. It's never a good political position to be in a defensive mode even if you are the Governor.
    He's going to have to make some serious promises to this group in the hopes they will pass an "Economic Stimulus Package" that is still in the works but should be ready by early next week.
    And even then, no matter, what his plan, it won't save his big butt because if anyone has looked at his previous tax incentives it's all smoke an mirrors.
    Hopefully, the House will grow a pair and negotiate something close to helping the average taxpayer during these bleak economic times.
    It's over. Everyone is walking out. So the meeting lasted four hours.
    Don't hold your breath.