Wednesday, May 7, 2014

High Flying Campaign Ads

Updated 5:35 pm  with Martinez ad script.

Two new ads by gubernatorial candidates popped up today.

Both Democratic hopeful Alan Webber and Republican Gov. Susana Martinez apparently have aviation on their minds.

Webber's ad is more hard-hitting, alluding to the secretive GOP confab at Santa Ana Pueblo hosted by the Koch Brothers and attended by several top Republicans last year. Martinez spoke at the conference.


The script is:

The Koch brothers choppered into New Mexico just like this.  Out of state billionaires looking to spread their radical agenda here.  Susana Martinez may take orders from them. I never will.

I’m Alan Webber. I’ll invest in early childhood education. End tax breaks to out of state corporations. And up the minimum wage so folks can actually live on it.

Those are my ideas. I want to hear yours.  Because it's time we had a Governor who listened to you, not them.

(Actually the Koch brothers flew to New Mexico in their own plane, not a helicopter.)

The Martinez campaign responded:

 “Alan Webber’s bizarre attack against Gov. Martinez lacks any credibility — particularly since he’s taken a greater percentage of out-of-state contributions than any other candidate, and it's even stranger that he would attack out-of-state millionaires when he himself is an out-of-state millionaire who is completely out of touch with New Mexicans ..."

(Actually the Kochs are billionaires)

Meanwhile, Martinez's ad, her thrid one during the primary season, stays positive.

Here's the script:

Susana Martinez: When I took office, we had the largest deficit in state history.  That’s why I sold the state’s luxury jet.  The maintenance alone cost taxpayers about $250,000 every year.

Now, we spend that amount providing every first grader with a summer reading book of their very own.  A book they can read with their parents.  Because education reform begins at home. 

I believe it’s better to buy reading books for first graders than to pay for a luxury jet.  

Announcer: She’s our governor. Susana Martinez.   

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