Monday, May 19, 2014

More NM Political Ads

The primary is just two weeks from tomorrow. And the TV ads just keep coming

Democratic gubernatorial candidate released one over the weekend. It's generally positive, though he does take one (relatively mild) swipe at Republican Gov. Susana Martinez-- without actually mentioning her name.

Webber: When you look at New Mexico, what do you see?  I see possibilities:
Great schools, with early education for every child.
Clean energy jobs from all this wind and solar.
And a minimum wage that pays $10.10 an hour.
We can do it if we stop giving tax breaks to big out of state corporations, and start investing right here instead. Our Governor sees everything we can’t do…I’m Alan Webber and I’m running for governor because of everything we can.

Here's what it looks like:

Then, this morning the John Wertheim for State Treasurer campaign released one: and he "went negative on his primary opponent Former state Sen. Tim Eichenberg

How can you tell I’m a real Democrat? It’s written all over my life.
From leading our state for Bill Clinton. To championing living wage laws. To recovering millions lost to fraud and ensuring it went to our schools.
As Treasurer, I’ll be a progressive voice for investing in education and protecting our retirement funds.

But is Tim Eichenberg a real Democrat?
He sided with Republicans to prevent equality for gay couples and failed to stand up to insurance companies that discriminate against women.
John Wertheim, the real Democrat for Treasurer.