Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ROUNDHOUSE ROUNDUP: Liberal Radio Talkers Dropping

Bring back Jerry Springer?
Fans of KTRC, the liberal talk radio station in Santa Fe — and fans of liberal talk radio everywhere for that matter — have taken a couple of vicious blows in recent days

On Thursday, syndicated radio host Ed Schultz — who promotes himself as “America’s Number One liberal talker” — announced that he’s quitting his three-hour weekday radio show.

The way he made it sound, he just wants to go fishing. However, Schultz said he’ll continue doing his weeknight television show on MSNBC and he’s going to start doing an hourlong audio show that will be available on his website.

That was last week. The week before that, another popular syndicated host, Randi Rhodes also called it quits.

For the rest of Sunday's column go to the Santa Fe New Mexican's site.

UPDATE 4:15 pm I just got word from KTRC about their new weekday schedule:

Next week Thom Hartmann will move permanently to 10a-1p and will be live. Then Sam Seder will be on live 1pm-4pm. Seder is one of the hosts of Ring of Fire which airs Sundays 5pm-8pm on KTRC,