Monday, May 12, 2014

New Round of Campaign Finance Reports

Today is the deadline for the second round of campaign finance reports in state races.

So far (as of 11:30 am)  only two gubernatorial candidates have filed: Alan Webber and Gary King.

Webber reported raising $115,682 since early April. He spent $99,810 in the past month, leaving him with $455,886 cash on hand. Except for an in-kind (non-cash) donation of $1,100, it looks like Webber didn't put any more of his own money into the campaign.

King is lagging far behind Webber in fundraising. He  reported raising $12,270 since early April and spending $53,106 during that period, He has $48,340 in the bank.

I'll update this with totals as they come in and will have a deeper look into the reports in tomorrow's New Mexican.

UPDATE: 1:15 pm Her report is not yet up on the Secretary of State's website, but Gov. Susana Martinez's campaign spokesman tweeted that the governor has raised more than $560,000 in the past month -- nearly five times the amount Webber did. No word on Martinez's expenditures or cash on hand. I'll update when the report comes in. Also still waiting on Rael, Morales and Lopez.

UPDATE 2:45 pm Democrat Howie Morales has filed his report. He took in $22,012 in contributions, spent $27,299 and has $44,711 in the bank.

UPDATE 4:25 pm Lawrence Rael reported that he raised $58,030.00 in the last month, spent $77,240.13
and has $209,557.37 cash on hand..

I still don't see the governor's report online but an email from her campaign said she's raised  $561,586, spent $552,546 and has $4,221,427 in the bank.

Final Update: Sen. Linda Lopez raised $10,236 this period, spent $15,568 and has $13,956 cash on hand.

Gov. Martinez's report was filed. She reported what her press release said.