Monday, May 12, 2014

Weh Goes on TV, Hugs an Old Rival

Allen Weh, one of two Republican candidates for U.S. Senate released his first television ad, a 30-second spot.

The ad doesn't mention either his primary opponent, David Clements, or Democrat Tom Udall, the incumbent senator seeking re-election. So far neither Udall nor Clements has aired any television ads.

Definitely the most interesting moment in the ad comes in at 23 seconds into it. Right when the narrator says "Allen Weh will protect our federal facilities" there's footage of Weh hugging Gov. Susana Martinez (who is not a federal facility.)

The last time I remember seeing the two of them in a video together was back in 2010 in this KOB News segment with Stuart Dyson:

That was a bitter election, but Weh has said he's patched things up with Martinez, who beat him in the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary.

UPDATE: 4:13 PM Here's the script for the Weh ad

Washington is broken. Too many weak leaders mean too many bad decisions.

Meet Allen Weh. A proud husband, father and grandfather. A decorated marine. A successful businessman with a plan to bring good, private-sector jobs to New Mexico.

As our next Senator, Allen Weh will stop wasteful spending, balance the budget and get Washington off our backs. Allen Weh will protect our federal facilities and take some New Mexico common sense to Washington D.C.

Allen Weh: I’m Allen Weh and I approve this message.